Welcome to Chase the Feeling!

2:25 PM

It is with great pleasure that I’m finally beginning this project. For the longest time I’ve wanted to start a blog but it wasn’t until now that I finally discovered the direction in which I wanted this to be headed. Among all the content saturation and frenzy, it is often a challenge to find your authentic voice. Authenticity and being true to ourselves are some of the keys of this project.
What is Chase the Feeling?
It’s a project about the pursuit of happiness and fulfillment throughout our life, while doing what we love. We often feel trapped in toxic environments, whether it is in our personal lives or at work. Those situations make us numb. We start to second-guess our decisions, personality and even try to change who we are in order to adapt to those environments. That happens often because we would rather get used to being okay than leave our comfort zone and be great. When we realize that everything can change if we set our minds to it, we start building our happiness.
Chase the Feeling is about:
  • Working on our passions
  • Learning from past experiences
  • Moving on to situations that help us grow
  • Establishing goals and working to achieve them
  • Understanding what really matters
  • Promoting a healthier mindset
  • Becoming better humans and helping others
I’ve had my fair share of obstacles and I’ve learned in difficult ways what the value of life really is, what is important and what is secondary. I hope that Chase the Feeling becomes a place that inspires people to follow their dreams while keeping their feet on the ground. I wish that readers of this space realize they’re not alone in their mid-midlife crisis and learn to just take a deep breath instead of trying to conform with every set standard of what life is “supposed to be”.
Throughout this project, I’ll be sharing life lessons, passions, and experiences, as I embrace who I am. You’re not alone on your journey. Let’s get started!

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