Chase the Feeling is a project about the pursuit of happiness and fulfillment throughout our life, while doing what we love. We often feel trapped in toxic environments, whether it is in our personal lives or at work. Those situations make us numb. When we realize that everything can change if we set our minds to it, we start building our happiness.

Chase the Feeling is about:

  • Working on our passions
  • Learning from past experiences
  • Moving on to situations that help us grow
  • Establishing goals and working to achieve them
  • Understanding what really matters
  • Promoting a healthier mindset
  • Becoming better humans and helping others

Throughout this project, I’ll be sharing life lessons, career & education tips and travel diaries.

Greetings from the author

Hello there, I’m Krystel. Born in the 90’s, I love music, football ⚽, and The Office. Cat person, old soul, and languages enthusiast -I’m bilingual (English and Spanish), currently learning German (B2!). I've also studied Italian and French but I want to improve a lot more. I enjoy writing and learning about different topics. I will always google anything I don’t know and open too many tabs at once.

On a more serious note, I’m a Communications graduate and have a Master’s Degree in Public Relations. I have experience on social media & web management, digital marketing, writing & translation, and events coordination. I aspire to make a living doing what I love, combining marketing with music, entertainment business or sports. We’ll see what the future holds.

If you want to know more about my professional experience, visit my LinkedIn profile.

Legal bits about Chase the Feeling content

As stated before, Chase the Feeling is a blog about feeling well and happy. The author and future guest authors share their thoughts on life and career matters based on personal experiences. Therefore, we encourage you to share it along! However, please note that all content is property of the author. Written content and images are property of Krystel Sierra unless stated otherwise. Please be mindful when sharing, always link back to the original post and give credit when using any content. Thank you!