A quick word on 2016

12:26 PM

How do you classify a year as good or bad? What happens when it brought you both the most heart-tearing moment of your life and the most amazing one yet? Sometimes things don't change for years and then you get everything -good and bad- all at once. So instead of listing the good and the bad, I'll focus on what I learned and gained from both.

I gained courage, maturity, strength. I learned when to say no, when to quit. Maturity is knowing when to hold on to something and when to let it go and move on. I learned that I deserved better. I thought of me for the first time in years. I put family and friends, quality of life before a career. I learned that sometimes losing is just that, but sometimes it makes space for better things. I experienced the deepest amount of pain and gained a new perspective of what really matters in life. I gained the courage to do things on my own. I learned that I can't control everything. I did things that scared me to death. I followed my plans against all odds. And the most important, I felt authentically happy for the first time in my life.

How next year will be? I don't know. What I do know is that whatever comes I'll be able to face it. Like Dwight Schrute said, "I'm ready to face any challenges that are foolish enough to face me."
I hope that 2016 -whether you classify it as good or bad- brought you new lessons. Experiences help us grow and teach us how to prioritize. Also I would like to encourage you to focus on the good. It's not that you shouldn't acknowledge the bad. But I believe that focusing on negativity will drain you. You will end up seeing problems bigger than they are. Focus on the great things, use your energy to do the good and you'll see how it impacts your whole life in a positive way.

As for 2017, I have a mind full of plans and a heart full of wishes. Some will come true, some will not. But I'll continue chasing happiness above it all.
Until next year!

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