What to see in 6 days in Munich [part 1]

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After 3 months living in Europe, I would finally go back to Germany, visiting Munich for the first time. My excitement was mostly for two reasons: my sister and Bayern Munich. I would get to see my sister for the first time after moving out. And regarding Bayern, well, it’s my favorite team in the world. Winter break was set to be awesome. And it was.

January 2nd – Arriving in Munich

I took a train from Girona to Barcelona, and then a flight to Munich, with a layover in Dusseldorf. Yes, there were direct flights but they weren’t as cheap, especially when I bought the ticket less than a week before.

I arrived in snowy Munich at around 6 PM. After meeting with my sister, we took the S8 train to the central station.

Airport-to-city tip: The cheapest way to get from MUC airport to the city is by train (S1 or S8.). The airport is out in zone 4 so if your hotel is in the inner city, you need to buy a 4-zone ticket at 11.60 euros one way. I suggest that if your flight lands early in the morning, you get the Airport-to-City-Day Ticket instead. For around 1 euro more, you get unlimited trips inside zone 1 which is what you will most likely visit on your first day in Munich. You will save a lot of money this way, especially if you travel during wintertime and walking around isn’t as fun with below 0°C temperatures. 

Our hotel was around 5 minutes from Hauptbahnhof. After getting a little lost -as always- we found the hotel, checked-in and started planning our next day.

Day 1 – Jan 3: Nymphemburg Palace and the city centre

Our first day in Munich welcomed us with a chilly -6°C, the coldest temperature I had ever experienced (yet). The city was covered in snow yet the sun was weakly shining a bit through the clouds. We planned to visit the Nymphemburg Palace and then on our way back, go to the city centre.
I bought a One-Day Ticket at around 7 euros because it was the cheapest alternative. It covered the inner city zone so it was good for the day. Then, we took the tram. Our first stop: the palace.

Nymphemburg Palace was built in 1664 as a summer residence for the former rulers of Bavaria and where Ludwig II was born. At first we planned just to see it on the outside but the temperature was too cold to handle so we went in. It was a great decision. With my student ID, the entrance only cost me 5 euros.

Tip: Student discounts everywhere – If you’re a student, make sure to carry your student ID with you all around Munich. There are discounts that will help you save a lot of money in the end.

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 After seeing the palace on the inside, we went to see the gardens.

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When we were going back to the city, I realized I had lost my train ticket. I ended up buying a 3-Day-Ticket for 16.50 euros since its was a better price deal than buying a One-Day Ticket every day.

We headed back to the main station to take the U-Bahn to Marienplatz and walk around the city.

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Tip – Eating in Munich (and paying in cash): I am used to the prices in Barcelona, so I found eating in Munich a little expensive. Calculate not less than 20 euros/day. Thankfully I was with my sister, so we would usually buy one plate and split it in two. Also, we saved money by drinking just water (free from the hotel lobby!). Something that annoyed me was that lots of places wouldn’t accept credit cards. I really dislike carrying money around and especially withdrawing money (bank fees are the death). 
Breakfast: Definitely the best alternative would be to cook it yourself, but if you’re not staying at an Airbnb place, you are most likely stuck with eating out. There’s a place called Coffee Fellows, it’s similar to a Starbucks. You can eat a decent sandwich and a nice cup of coffee for 6 euros. 
Lunch and dinner on a budget: Central station has lots of places to eat. It was an option so we wouldn’t have to travel to Marienplatz every night.

Day 2 – Jan 4: The Allianz Arena

As a Bayern fan, I had to see the Allianz Arena, home stadium of the Bavarian team. I dragged my sister with me (spoiler alert: she had a great time) and we headed to the Allianz.

Getting there: From Senlinger Tor or Marienplatz take U6 until Frottmaning. It has a football ball in the train signs to indicate the line that goes to the arena. An inner-zone ticket works.

The wind and snow were insane that day. It’s a 10-minute walk from the train station to the stadium. I could barely see with the snow falling on my face. The wind was so strong that I felt I was being pushed. None of it mattered in the end because, there I was:

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We wandered around and took some pictures before I finally decided to go in and ask for the tour prices. At first, like always, I was planning on seeing the stadium on the outside only. But I was there, and who knows if I could ever go back. Why wouldn’t I take the tour? I found out the prices weren’t outrageous, and with a student’s discount, I bought two tickets, one for me and one for my non-football-fan sister.

We took the English tour at 12:15 PM that would show us around the stadium, the dressing room, the press room, the tunnel and the museum. Needless to say, I was like a kid in Christmas.

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After being blown away by everything, I entered the store which again, is like a dream for any Bayern fan. I managed to stay in budget and only bought a Thomas Müller mug and a lanyard.
The tour is very well prepared, it’s entertaining even for non-football fanatics. I really recommend any sports fan to visit the stadium and take the tour. It will make you love -or at least respect- the team for everything they’ve accomplished.

I went back to the city with my head up in the clouds and bragging rights about saying I walked the same tunnel that my Bayern boys walk every home match.

On my next blog post, I’ll share more about other city sights, the Dachau Concentration Camp, and the Neuschwanstein Castle.

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