Explore Milan in 8 hours

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My last stop on my Italy trip was Milano, Italy's fashion capital. I took the 9 AM train from Florence and arrived in Milano at around 10:40 AM. I would leave my backpack at the luggage storage and walk around the city until 6:30 PM. 

💡 Tip: Save 10 euros for storing luggage – While it is the best way to explore the city, storing facilities can be quite expensive. It was a drawback that Milano Centrale didn’t have lockers like in Munich Central Station. Instead, they have a drop-off counter with one employee (quite the line!). Also, I found the price to be ridiculously high. For around 6 hours I paid 8 euros. Those are the type of extra expenses that if you don’t calculate, might ruin your budget.

After dropping off our backpacks, my friend and I went to explore the city.

Porta Garibaldi

Castello Sforszesco

San Marco Catholic Church

💡 Tip: Move by foot – The main touristic points in Milano are within walking distance. It's better to explore the city by foot and enjoy it's architecture.

Inside Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, a high-end shopping mall

Duomo di Milano

💡 Tip: Wear long jeans or knee-length skirt if you want to enter the Duomo – The entrance ticket to see the Cathedral is very cheap at only 3 euros. Sadly, I didn't plan for it and was wearing shorts so I would have had to spend an extra 2 euros to rent a skirt. Lesson learned: even if you don't plan to visit the cathedrals inside, wear a pair of long jeans just in case.

Monumento Equestre a Vittorio Emanuele

💡 Tip: Look for the hidden places to eat on a budget – It is possible to eat on a budget near the Duomo. There's a place called ODStore right behind the Duomo. At first sight it looks like a candy store but it's actually a 3-story building that also sells sandwiches, pizza, and hot dogs at pretty good prices. If you want to grab something to eat on the go, that's the place. Also, they have a pretty clean bathroom free for clients.

Museo del Duomo de Milano (Duomo Museum)

Borsa Italiana (Palazzo Mezzanotte) in Piazza Affari, featuring the L.O.V.E. statue

Banca d'Italia (Italian Bank)

💡 Tip: Find the 3-euro gelatto  – It is possible in Milano, just like it was in Florence and Rome ;)

At around 6 PM, we headed back to the train station. While Milano hadn't impressed me like Rome or Florence, it is a pretty city and the Duomo makes it worth of a visit.

Arriving to the station by 6:30 PM, my Italy trip was almost over, but the memories would last forever.

Ci vediamo dopo, Italia.


This post has been the last of my Italy in Five Days series. I also wrote about Rome, Florence and Pisa. Ever been to Italy? What other cities should I visit? Leave me a comment below or tweet me @krystel_k.

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