Breaks are good

4:47 PM

It’s been quite some time since I’ve published on this blog. So much has been going on and, at the same time, nothing at all. It’s hard to describe but, in summary, I haven’t found the energy to update sooner. There are certain stigmas towards taking a break that are both unnecessary and counter-productive. We all need to rest and recharge. So I did.

After hurricane María, it felt like my world stopped for 8 months, which was the time that I was without electricity service at home. Internet service arrived a bit later, 10 months after the hurricane. During those months, what saved me was the job I found, which kept me productive, occupied and gave me the stability and “modern” comfort that I was lacking at home. Needless to say, there was not much to write about. My mind and energies were focus on dealing with the day-to-day instability and challenges. I needed a break. 

In August, I returned to Germany for a month to continue my German course. It was memorable as always: met new friends, reunited with old ones, got better at the language and, of course, watched some live Bayern football. Also, I met some of my favorite players, including the legend Bastian Schweinsteiger. August made up for the lackluster, exhausting year that preceded it. I will write more about my return to Munich on a separate post, even if it was in summer and we are already in Autumn, (my favorite season!).

Now I’m back for a while to where I breathed for the first time. I’m working on different projects, both personal and professional. Since the beginning, my goal with this blog was to pursue happiness and self-realization in life while doing what I love. I shall continue on that road and see where it leads.

I am planning on updating monthly, but we will see. Breaks are good.

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