Three Hectic Days in New York - Manhattan

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After 4 amazing days in Montreal, I took a flight to New York City, the city that never sleeps. Most likely one of the most famous cities in the world, I felt like I had to see what was all about. Tons of movies have been filmed there and its iconic landmarks made my bucket list a long time ago.

I arrived on a Thursday early afternoon and would leave on Sunday night. That could be counted as 3 days. I had made an itinerary for myself to take the most out of my time there, instead of just wandering around. I used Super Shuttle to get from La Guardia to my hostel, HI New York City, and instead of waiting for my room to be ready, I began sightseeing. 

Here’s how I saw New York in 3 days, and how you could too. 🗽

Arrival day 🛬

I walked around the north side of Central Park where you can see some beautiful views of the city skyline. I was surprised that the trees where mostly green or yellow, instead of the typical colorful Fall I was expecting. As night began to fall, I took the subway to Times Square. Broadway street is possibly one of the world’s most famous streets and the billboards light up the whole place. It was hard to take photos, but some friendly tourists helped. I liked how lively the city was, making it clear that, day or night, New York City is pretty much awake.

I went back to my hostel to get some rest, as the next day would be full of activities. 

Day 1 - The iconic attractions at Manhattan 🍎

I woke up early to head to my first stop: the Empire State. It’s called “the most famous building in the world” and well, it comes with the price of its tagline. Around $40 will get you to floor 86, which is more than enough to get a view of the famous New York City skyline. The wind was super strong and after taking photos all around – and asking a tourist to take a photo of myself – I went down through the stairs. My best advice is to go there as early as you can, because the line can get long and the airport-like security takes time.

Grand Central 🚆

Wherever I go, I am always looking for old buildings and Grand Central is a staple. It’s beautiful inside and out. Inside, there was an expo of polaroids, which brought even more life to the iconic train station.

New York’s Library 📖📕

I believe this is the prettiest building in Manhattan. I took a break at the small park nearby to rest and feel that New York vibe. I read you can go inside for free but as a I didn’t have much time, I moved on to my next stop.

St Patrick’s Cathedral ⛪

It was curious that such a modern city would have a cathedral like this and I am glad I visited. It is outstanding and conserved. It was a little weird to see the US flag hanging from a pole on the Cathedral, but well, it’s the US of A.

Rockefeller Center ⛸ 

The iconic ice rink and the flags was like getting lost in any typical New York-based movie. Despite it being mid-October, the Christmas decorations were already being placed where the famous tree would be located later. If I ever go back to New York City, it will definitely be during Christmas time.

Radio City Music Hall 🎵

Central Park – South 🌳

I went back to Central Park, this time to visit the south side where the famous Hotel Plaza is located. I just loved this park and the life and peace it gives to what could be otherwise a dull and ever-busy city. I took the time to eat yet another NYC-style hot dog and that gave me enough time to ponder the idea of attending a Broadway show. I had enough time to go back to the hostel, change and be on time to buy a last-minute ticket. A colleague had told me that if you go last-minute, tickets prices are usually lowered. I decided to take the chance. 

The Lion King on Broadway 🦁

I arrived there around 50 minutes before the play would start and scored a ticket at almost half the price. I made the line just in time to get in without much hassle, find my seat and enjoy the show from the beginning. What a masterpiece! The Lion King on Broadway is a visual and musical experience that I believe anyone can enjoy, whether they have seen the movie or not. Aside from the impressive custom design and the super talented actors, I was astonished at the creativity to portray some key scenes of the story. There is a reason why this play has been running on Broadway for so long and I recommend it to anyone.


During my second day I would explore Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn. Stay tuned for next week's post.

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