Five tips for working from home

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Maybe some people are used to this but, for the new ones, it is challenging to keep a work structure at home. Specially because there are so many distractions and access to things you would rather be doing. It takes longer to focus, and more effort into staying focused. The problem might also be that, when we are finally focused, we forget all the activities we would do normally at the office. Going to the bathroom, taking a break in the morning and during the afternoon, eat, talk. There’s also the opposite, when you feel like since you’re already home, you can take longer breaks and end up working longer hours than what you would do at the office.

So what has helped me improve my productivity while working from home? 🏠

  1. Find a comfortable space that helps you focus 👀 – this varies from person to person and it can go from a very office-like space, to the living room or your bed. I’ve find myself being able to focus better when I’m alone, so personally I switch from the bed to my yoga mat on the floor, or use the living room when the house is still quite.
  2. Create a structure 💻 – working remotely doesn’t mean you don’t need a structure. Creating it will help you with productivity. For example, waking up early and showering, putting on clothes that aren’t pajamas, and making a to-do list for the day. These are reminders that you are going to work even if the longest commute is from your room to the kitchen. The structure I created for me helps me specifically to complete tasks without distractions in order to not overwork or underwork.
  3. Take breaks ⏰ – just as you would do in the office, take the necessary breaks to recharge and well, keep yourself healthy. For me to take breaks, I had to set alarms to remind me to have snacks and lunch. There are also productivity tools that help you both with completing tasks and taking breaks. Check out about the Pomodoro Technique by Francesco Cirillo and see if it works for you. I was introduced to this technique by a coworker and I believe it can be very useful.
  4. Stretch, walk, socialize 📱💬🙆 – take breaks to do some quick stretching routine or walk around. Your back will thank you later. I specially like the routines by Kalm Pilates and Yoga with Adrienne since they have specific routines depending on your level and physical/mental condition. They have stretches for people with scoliosis, back pain, neck and pain, and even short routines for office breaks. You can also take a few minutes to answer messages, personal emails or send a video to a friend. This last part, I prefer to do it during lunch break, when I can even make a quick video call which is the closest to in-person interaction.
  5. Be aware of your work style and work with it, not against it 👍 – Only you know when you are more productive and how you focus the best. I know there are sometimes things we can’t change, like a meeting at a specific time. But the ones we can, make the difference. I have discovered that for me, piano playlists on Spotify help me block my environment and get the job done. Also, since I’m home, I’ve realized that a power nap of 15 minutes or so -whether is after lunch or during the afternoon- help a lot. You might not even fall asleep, but just closing your eyes and taking a break from the computer screen can help you recharge for the rest of the afternoon work hours.

I hope these tips help boost your work productivity while protecting your mental, emotional, and physical health. Remember that having a balance is key. Do you have any other tips to work from home? Comment below!


Pomodoro is a trademark owned by Francesco Cirillo.
Photo by Peter Olexa

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