Into the Volcanic Zone in Girona

2:43 PM

As part of my master’s degree (which I am loving so much) we have visits to different companies to meet with their Communications/Public Relations directors and know more about how their department works. 
Our first trip was to La Fageda in Girona. La Fageda is a cooperative that was born to give employment to people with mental health conditions. While the cooperative has been evolving in terms of the product offering -they started processing milk and now it’s yogurt, jelly and ice cream- the essence is the same: a high-quality product made with premium ingredients. La Fageda is located near the beautiful natural reserve called Hayedo de Jordá in La Garroxa. From the moment I arrived I fell in love with the scenery. 
After a tour through the farm and a meeting with the Communications Director, we had the opportunity to taste what became the best yogurt I’ve ever eaten. La Fageda Yogurts come in different flavors although but I picked chocolate. Since they make their products only with top ingredients -the chocolate for example, comes from Belgium- the result is amazing. Their products are on the gourmet side so they only distribute inside Catalunya.
Later on, we headed out into the Hayedo. The whole place is breathtaking and cozy. The trees have grown over the lava flow from a volcano nearby, called Croscat.
After having lunch, we went into the volcanic zone, officially known as the Parc Natural de la Zona Volcànica de la Garrotxa. 
The volcano there, Croscat, was excavated for commercial purposes, to export clay. Luckily, it became a natural reserve and commercialization had to stop. 
It was a great experience. We were lucky to have nice weather that allowed us to fully enjoy the day. Aside from taking a glance at beautiful Girona -where I intend to come back later- we got to know each other better. 
I hope you have enjoyed this short travel diary. If you’re visiting Barcelona soon, the 2-hour trip to Girona is worth it.

On my next travel post…
Lazy Sundays? More like “Around the city Sundays”. I am still checking things off my Barcelona bucket list so this time it was the turn of la Sagrada Familia and a few others that you’ll discover on my next post. Don’t forget to come back next week!

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