The Same Old Song

2:45 PM

I listen to people complain everyday. No, I do not work in customer care but it seems like I do. I myself used to complain a lot until I realized that if I didn’t do anything to change what was upsetting me, it would become a vicious cycle that would drain me.
You can only blame your problems on the world for so long, before it all becomes the same old song.
The (Shipped) Gold Standard. “Folie à Deux” album by Fall Out Boy
When I decided to take action and actually work on change, things, well, changed (you don’t say??). Some people might say that you can’t always alter what is upsetting you but I am positive that the majority of situations that bother us have a remedy if we transform our mindset.
I’ve learned a few lessons:
  1. Everything can change if you make a plan – from work to personal issues, when you take the A.C.T. Route (Acknowledge and assess the situation, create a plan and, transform your life!) the unattainable becomes a real possibility.
  2. More specifically, if you make realistic plans: there’s no magic, so if your plan is not realistic enough to be followed, you will end up stuck in the situation you were complaining about but with a more miserable state of mind.
  3. And follow through: what is a plan if you don’t follow through? It is a huge waste of time. It’s garbage. It’s nothing. If you postpone what you have to do, you can’t expect to get what you wanted when you wanted nonetheless.
  4. It’s okay to re-schedule: life happens. Sometimes unplanned situations force us to push back our goals. What’s important is to not let those setbacks get the best of you. Re-plan, re-schedule and go on. If you are going from place A to B and the main road is closed, will you try to find alternate routes or just go back home? Winners in life choose the former.
  5. Take responsibility for your actions: I am tired of people complaining about a situation they are responsible for. It amazes me how oblivious people can be about the true reason why they are in a hole. For example, I’ve heard people complain about how broke they are but 3 seconds later they spend money on the most ridiculous item. Acting on impulse and again -not sticking to your plan- will only harm your opportunity of change.
Now, every time someone comes to me to complain about something I ask,“Are you doing something to change it?” 
Because if not, it’s just the same old song.

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