Museum Sunday - Picasso & Caixaforum

2:48 PM

Sundays have become the day of getting to know Barcelona. It’s just great to be around the city, relax and recharge for the new week. This time I decided to visit some museums. The amazing thing here is that most museums are free for everyone each Sunday after 3 PM. So around 2:30 PM my friend and I took the train to Plaça Catalunya.
Museo Picasso

Once in Pl. Calatunya, we walked to Gràcia and took the L4 metro in La Pau direction and stopped in Jaume I. From there, the museum is within walking distance. It’s not in plain sight though, Google Maps will be your friend because the museum is located on a small street that is very easy to miss. Or at least for me. Thank you, Google Maps.
Naturally, there was a super long line. We waited for 1 hour and a half until we could get our free tickets. 
Student tip: Entrance is free every day for students with a university ID (the ID provided by the university is enough). We discovered this after nearly 45 minutes on the line so it wasn’t worth it to leave and come back another day. We were already there.

Once in the museum, we wandered around the gift shop for a little until it was time to enter the expo rooms. There were lots of cute stuff but at tourist prices. When it was time to enter the exposition, we were told that photography was prohibited. It was a bummer, because I saw some paintings I would have love to take a picture of. 
Picasso Museum features extensive work from the artist, from early year’s sketches to masterpieces such as Las Meninas. The exhibition Cubism and War: The Crystal in the Flame was up when we visited. This expo features the work from Georges Braque, Juan Gris, Diego Rivera, María Blanchard, Gino Severini, Jacques Lipchitz and Henri Laurens (; 2016).

Caixaforum Barcelona
Out of the the museum by 6 PM, we headed back to Catalunya to take the L1 towards Plaça Espanya. Caixaforum is also within walking distance, heading from Plaça towards Montjuic and then making a right. 
There, we visited the expo Philippe Halsman. ¡Sorpréndeme!, a photography collection of the best work of Philippe Halsman. One of his most famous photographs is of Marilyn Monroe jumping:

Andy Warhol:

Audrey Hepburn:

His photographs on LIFE Magazine covers:

My favorite photograph (because part of me is a little like Wednesday Adams):

A super fun and interactive part of the exhibition was the one where you would take a picture doing a facial expression and then select the question that would best fit it. This was based on “The Frenchman”, a photographic interview made by Halsman. Our photo went perfect with the question, “Would you marry a football player?” I guess the real question is, who wouldn’t?

After visiting the whole gallery, we headed out. I had hours of art in my head, Sunday was almost over and a new week was just starting. Where will I go next?

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