A Quick Word on Sharing Your Light

11:23 AM

“You only live forever in the lights you make”
The Kids from Yesterday, My Chemical Romance

When a loved one passes away, we often feel them close nonetheless. Beautiful things remind us of them. Memories. How does it happen? People who have been kind, caring, loving, are remembered forever. Is in the good deeds that you leave a legacy on this world. Sweet words, a supporting shoulder, a hug, a hand. Love creates love. A good act cannot be erased because its positive impact changed the course of things.

Helping others is one the most fulfilling acts we can experience. To me it is because of the greatness of the act itself: how is it that if we give a part of ourselves to others it doesn't weaken us but makes us stronger?

Bringing light to others means that even when you're gone and your light is out, you still shine bright in the light of others. When you light up a candle with another, the first one doesn't lose its fire. Helping others can never leave you in the dark. It can never make you weaker.

Today is #GivingTuesday, an initiative born 5 years ago that focuses on giving back to others. I would like you to take a moment, think about it and find a way to make someone else's life better through a kind act. I myself love the work that Charity:Water does and for the past 2 years I've been celebrating my birthday by raising money for their organization. You can find out what was this initiative about here and how you could help.

Giving back is not something you do one day a year, it's something you work towards everyday. Focus your life on positive acts and feelings. Be kind to people and you will live on forever.

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