An Afternoon in Sitges

5:33 PM

If you’re an Island person like me, or if you just love warm weather in general, then being near the beach is the best place to be. Although Fall is not exactly beach season, I went to visit Sitges because everyone told me it was a very pretty place. They were so right.

I loved this welcome sign and its message.

Sitges is around 1-hour away from Barcelona city in Renfe. The station is near the center of the town, so you can walk around without the need of a taxi or public transport. As I headed into the small Sitges paths I was instantly reminiscing my walks around Old San Juan. The buildings, the narrow roads, the sun, everything felt so familiar.

And then, after 8 minutes walking, there it was: the beach. I hadn’t realized how much I had missed the coast until I got there. The sound of the waves, the smell of the salt. There were some people sunbathing and swimming. I honestly don’t know how they weren’t freezing because 70°F degrees is not my kind of warm. But hey, I’m a tropical coquí used to 90°F degrees so let’s not get into temperature matters.

After the infatuation, we headed to Palau Maricel, a beautiful palace and museum. We were planning on visiting but by the time we arrived to the ticket center, there was only one ticket left. The lady offered us the option of visiting Museu del Cau Ferrat instead. So we did.

Tip: Although in the web page it says that you have to reserve your space prior to getting to the museum, when we called we were told the opposite. I recommend getting there about 1 hour prior to the desired entry time to the museum and if it’s high season, around 2 hours. Also, they offer tickets discounts for students. The university ID is enough for them.

Museu del Cau Ferrat

This was the house of Santiago Rusiñol, an important artist from Catalonia. The house has his art collection comprised of paintings, sculptures and ceramics.

Eating at Sitges

After over an hour walking around the house, we headed out to eat. Our desperation to find a place won us over and we ended up eating at a beachfront restaurant. Needless to say, it was average food at a high price.

Tip: There are plenty of restaurants beachfront. While it’s a beautiful view, I recommend to walk into the streets and find a place that is not meant for tourists. The prices are so much better.

Walking around

Palau Maricel 

Parròquia de Sant Bartomeu i Santa Tecla

Since it was around 4 PM, I stopped for a coffee. (What would I do without it?). This time we visited a small place called L'Atelier with better prices and great coffee. This clock and its colorful mosaic was part of my view:

Back to Barcelona

After an afternoon spent in a place so similar to home, I promised myself to go back next summer when the weather allows me to enjoy the beach without wearing a scarf.

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