Visiting the Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria

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On my fifth day in Munich, I decided to visit the place that inspired Disney’s Cinderella castle: the Neuschwanstein Castle. It is near Füssen, a town around 2 hours from Munich Central Station.

To get there, I followed this guide, which was very helpful. I bought a Bayern ticket for 24 euros and took the 9:55 AM train. Looking back, I should have taken the 11:55 AM train but I was afraid I would be late to pick up my entrance ticket.

Views from my train on the way to Füssen:

I arrived in Füssen at around midday and immediately hopped on bus 78 that would take me to the ticket center in Schwangau. It was so, so cold and there was snow everywhere. I had reserved my tickets online at 12 euros for the 3:35 PM tour so I had plenty of time, almost too much time before my tour. My initial plan was to take the bus -3 euros round trip- to get to the castle, located at the top of a mountain. When I asked the ticket center employee, he told me that the bus shuttle was not available due to the heavy snow but that it was “just a 40-minute walk uphill”. Now let’s be honest, I would have made the walk if I had appropriate shoes, but my feet were already numb by that time. I decided to take the other option: the horse carriage.

The horse carriage costs 6 euros each way. I waited in line for around 1 hour until it was my turn. Standing still on the ice during all that time didn’t help my frozen feet situation. Maybe it had been better if I had walked up the hill.

💡Tip: Wear snow boots if you’re going in winter. If not your feet will suffer, you will suffer and won’t enjoy it as much. Also, bring snow-specific gloves. I was wearing 2 pairs of normal gloves and my fingers were numb nonetheless.

The carriage doesn’t take you all the way up. The drop off area is at around 7-10 minutes from the castle. After taking some pictures, I walked up. Marienbruck, the bridge from where you can take awesome pictures was also closed due to the snow [might be better to visit in Spring or Summer].

I got to the castle at around 2:15 PM, so I had to wait for over an hour. It was probably the worst mistake I did. You have to wait outdoors so I walked around, sat for a while, and then walked around more, hopelessly trying to stay warm.

Nonetheless, the view was spectacular:

I bought a hot chocolate to try to get warmer, but it didn’t work. I was starting to feel really bad, my feet went from numb to pain. At around 3:10 PM I went to the castle to try to cover myself from the wind. I would enter the bathroom every 3 minutes to warm my hands with the dryer. It really felt like an eternity until, at 3:35 PM it was my time to get into the castle.

When you get in, they hand you and audio guide. The tour lasts for about 30 minutes and you cannot take pictures. It’s a very pretty castle inside but I am not sure if it’s worth paying to enter. On the other hand, the ride from Munich is way too long to just go up, see the castle on the outside, and then leave. After the tour, you can visit the kitchen on your own, the gift shop and then leave.

I went out after 4 PM, and after considering paying the 6 euros for the ride down, I decided against it. With all the snow, the walk downhill would be fast and would almost feel like I was skiing. It took me around 15-20 minutes. Walking towards the bus stop, I took some shots, this being my favorite one:

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I also took some photos of the surrounding area, now that I didn't have the rush to get to the castle on time.

When I went to the bus stop, I realized that I had to wait for other 35 minutes to catch bus 78 back to Füssen train station. I was worried that I would miss my train back to Munich but hey, it’s Germany and public transport is perfectly planned. I got to the train station by 6 PM and took a ride back to Munich, getting there at around 8:20 PM. I was exhausted and hungry, so I met with my sister and we went to grab dinner.


So, do I recommend visiting the Neuschwanstein Castle? Absolutely I do. It’s one of the most impressive castles I’ve seen and getting there itself is an adventure. At just 2 hours away, it’s the perfect activity for anyone who feels like they’ve seen it all in Munich. And even if there’s still much to see, if you’ll be there for a couple days, I suggest that you save one for this.

Would I do go back during the winter? I might not. While it looks like a fairytale, the weather was a little too much for me to handle. Also, during the winter you can’t pass to Marienbruck, which is one of the main reasons to visit because the view you get from there is the most spectacular one.

Nevertheless, it was a great experience and another place that I checked off my bucket list. Until next time, Füssen!


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