Chasing happiness – 10 takeaways for a more joyful life

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Do you ever feel like you want to be happy but everything seems to be against you? There are certainly a lot of things that can influence our approach to life and take a toll on our happiness. It only takes 30 seconds reading the news to get discouraged, frustrated and disappointed. However, we need to focus a little more on what we can control rather than on what we cannot. It doesn’t mean that we will isolate ourselves or be completely oblivious about our surroundings. What it means is that we must teach ourselves to not just see the negative side of everything.

I have had a year of ups and downs, of achievements and growth. Throughout this experience I have learned how to chase happiness even when everything seems to be falling apart, even when things don’t go as planned.

I call this my Chasing Happiness Decalogue

1. Keep those who you love close. – in them you will find the strength, the hope and the drive to keep going.

2. Don't minimize your success. Every milestone counts. – it is important to acknowledge that every step you take towards your goals is worth being happy about, whether it is big or small. Also, don't let anyone minimize your achievements.

3. Work on your personal and professional goals. Nobody will do it for you.

4. Things that make you happy are not stupid. Enjoy them. Share them. Live them.

5. Surround yourself with people who genuinely feel happy for you. 
–  one of the greatest things about happiness is that you can share it with others. But for some people, hearing about others' achievements throws them off. Those people will try to minimize what you have done and their negative vibe will affect you. Don't let that happen. Stay away from toxic people.

6. Keep a bit of childlike wonder with you always and see beauty in the little things. – the moment you feel that you’re too old or too cool for something, you start growing old

7. Do things that scare you a little. –  Being scared is not precisely anyone's definition of happiness but the feeling of pride when you get to do something you didn't think you were capable of, is indescribable.

8. Speak your mind (and heart) out. –  No one’s a mind reader so if you have to say something, say it.

9. Don't be afraid to seek help if you need it. – This applies to everything from mental health to asking for directions on the street. Nobody is born knowing everything and you’re not dumb or broken if you reach out for a helping hand. 

10. Accept and love yourself the way you are. –  Make peace with your flaws and be thankful for your good attributes. 

I am very hard on myself sometimes, and the not knowing of the future and the lack of control over certain situations can make my anxiety reappear. That is why I try to focus on these ten pieces of from-me-to-me advice and take one day at a time.

As a gift for you if you’re reading this, I have made my Chasing Happiness Decalogue into separate printable graphics that you can print out and pin on your bulletin board. You can download the pack here.

Hope you like them!

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