An afternoon in Prague

1:40 PM

Living in Munich, I had to take advantage of its convenient location for visiting other European countries I had never been to. My main two challenges were time and money. With a 3-night limit and only 200 euros, I came up with a rather crazy schedule: Munich – Prague – Wroclaw – Vienna – Munich. I am proud to say that I pulled it off.

After finishing my Deutsch course, I headed to Prague. The capital of the Czech Republic is bright and warm during the summer. The weather is perfect to go by foot and see it all. I left Munich at 10:30 AM so it was not until around 3:00 PM that I arrived. I went to my hostel, Miss Sophie’s (the BEST!πŸ‘) where a very friendly lady informed me about the free walking tours. Sadly, I was too late to join it so I decided to explore the city on my own. I only had the afternoon, because the next day I would leave to Poland. However, I met at the hostel a really nice Chinese girl named Max and we went together to the city center. 

Exploring Prague

We walked for around 20 minutes until we reached the Old Town Square. From there, we would walk to the rest of the places.

Astronomical Clock 

Old Town Square

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Church of Our Lady before TΓ½n

Old-New Synagogue

The Spanish Synagogue

Rudolfinum - Concert Hall

Charles Bridge

The TrdelnΓ­k, a local sweet pastry πŸ˜‹

The Lennon Wall

Prague Castle Complex

It looks amazing on the outside, so it was a shame that I couldn't visit it inside 😭. They charge different fees depending on what areas of the complex you want to visit so estimate around 20 USD/Euros.

The best way to end my day - this amazing view of Prague's skyline

Some tips when traveling to Prague:

Getting there from nearby countries πŸšŒπŸ›«

I took a Deutsche Bahn bus from Munich. The trip takes around 4.5 hours and it was the cheapest alternative, at 15 euros. It’s a great service with on-board wi-fi. I made my reservation through the Regio Jet's website, another bus company that offers great prices and a variety of routes.

Where to stay 🏨

Stay at a hostel! Prague is accessible in terms of food and accommodation because of the currency exchange. I totally recommend Miss Sophie’s as it’s modern and spacious. My room was actually within an apartment with a private kitchen and a dining table. The hostel is also very easy to find and two stops away from the main train station.

How long to stay πŸ“…

Stay at least two days. I was there only one so I could not go inside the castle or any museum. If you stay there two days, I am sure you will enjoy more the city.

To get or not to get the local currency? πŸ’°

They accept euros in many places. They will also state prices in both euro and Czech krone. However, if you will stay longer than one day maybe it’s a good idea to exchange money since some places will have a minimum required to accept credit cards.

Moving around (as advised by a local) πŸš‹

Buy the 24/48/72 hour ticket at the main station which is valid for the underground, the buses and the tram. Very few machines around the city accept credit cards, just local currency. The machines at the main station will accept credit cards so take advantage of that.

And of course, enjoy the city! 😊


Have you ever been to Prague? What were your favorite spots? Let me know in the comments below!

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