Of dwarfs and colorful townhouses in Wroclaw, Poland

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When we think Poland, we usually think about Warsaw, the capital. Nonetheless, there are other beautiful cities that deserve our attention. It was not until I became friends with Monika, a Polish girl, that she introduced me to Wroclaw. It's a charming city in the West, close to the border with Germany and around 3 hours from Berlin. After seeing the colorful city center in pictures and wanting to visit my friend, I fit Wroclaw in my short European trip after finishing my Deutsch course in München.

I took a Flixbus from Prague to Wroclaw at 7 AM. 

💡 Tip: Travel by bus – it's cheap and comfortable. Flixbus really is convenient and has good prices. I booked online and had no issues. On the Prague-Wroclaw route, they make a change of driver for safety purposes and then a 30-minute stop where you can buy food.

A bit past noon I arrived in Poland and met my friend at the station (how lucky am I?). I only had one day -10.5 hours to be exact- to discover Wroclaw before continuing my trip. Thankfully I had my friend as a tour guide so she took me to the best spots in Wroclaw. After having a great time, here are my recommendations for a great day discovering this charming Polish city:

1. Visit the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist and its surroundings

2. See the bridges around the city

3. See the University buildings - Wroclaw is known as a university city, and the faculties are spread all around.

4. Spot the dwarfs – my friend told me that Wroclaw is known for its dwarf figures, which you can spot all around the city. Each figure is different so pay attention to the floor near important city spots and you will probably discover a dwarf. 

5. Visit Wroclaw’s Market Square and its colorful buildings

6. Get a rest on a green area – one of my favorite things about Europe is that it has plenty of green spaces where you can sit or lay down and relax. Wroclaw is no exception so a park is the perfect place to rest your legs. 

7. Get a coffee – the city has plenty of coffee shops and gelaterias around at great prices. 

8. Cross to the island and see the NAWA sculpture – Locals call it “the island” and it’s a piece of land where you get to it by a bridge. You will see groups of friends having a beer and enjoying the river view. 

9. Wander around a little, then go to Garden Café near the Cathedral for a nice view 

10. Head back to the Market Square for dinner and try local dishes – the Pierogi -similar to a dumpling- is to die for! 

💡 Tip: Eat at a restaurant – You know I always say you should avoid sit restaurants if you want to travel on a budget but in Poland the currency exchange benefits the euro and US dollar so you can have a tasty dinner for 5 euros. 

Poland is a very pretty and inexpensive destination. I was very lucky to have a friend to show me around but I’m sure you will enjoy exploring it on your own too. Who knows if you end up becoming friends with a local! Never underestimate the beauty of traveling alone.

What will your next destination be? 

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