Universal Orlando in One Day - Islands of Adventure

6:00 AM

After a busy first day at Disney's Magic Kingdom, the next park in our family vacation itinerary was Islands of Adventure

Universal Orlando is divided into two parks, so we decided to visit Islands of Adventure because of  the Hogsmeade Village in The Wizardling World of Harry Potter. It was a faster way from the parking lot to the park compared to Magic Kingdom, and its movie-themed areas make it enjoyable for adults.

Our first ride was Jurassic Park's River Adventure, as a 25-minute wait seemed attractive. I was expecting a ride around the river, an expedition while seeing dinosaurs. Little did I know. It was all fun and games until the drop in the end made me feel like I was going to fly out of the cart. After surviving that ride, I made sure to check the Universal app for ride descriptions and avoid anything similar. Next up, we went into Hogsmeade.

We were lucky to visit this park on a rather slow day, as the longest line that we made lasted 45 minutes and it was for the Harry Potter ride. The line takes place inside Hogwarts so you get distracted while you wait. The virtual reality makes you feel like you are flying on a broom, something that made me a bit too dizzy for my taste. 

We were making the line for The Flight of the Hippogriff rollercoaster when it began raining and most rides were closed. It was earlier than when it began raining at Magic Kingdom, so we decided to visit the few open rides. We saw the Poseidon's Fury show and walked around with our rain caps, killing time until the rides would reopen. 

The cartoon-themed area of the park is fun to visit, as there are many thought bubbles and props to take goofy photos. This bubble was very accurate.

Luckily, the rain stopped after a while and we happened to be passing by King Kong’s ride when it opened. A 10-minute wait was the biggest success we achieved. 

After King Kong, my family went on to some other rides, and at around 8 PM we went back to our hotel. The next day we would visit Disney's Animal Kingdom.


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