Animal Kingdom in One Day - From Pandora to the Everest

6:00 AM

After two parks in two days, this was our last one. Luckily, it is a rather small park compared to Magic Kingdom and it is divided into continent themes. 

We arrived at around 10 AM and, since we knew it would be a long day -we had a fast pass for the boat ride in Pandora at 8 PM- we made the longest line first. It was precisely for the VR experience at Pandora, which makes you feel like you’re flying on an ikran, those big flying creatures from the movie.

I must say that what makes this park worth it is the World of Pandora and I believe it was my favorite ride out of all parks. We waited two hours until it was our turn, but every detail throughout the “planet” is entertaining. On the outside, the nature is an exact representation of the movie.

Once you move inside, everything glows in the dark. There are even UV lights so even your clothes will glow. You also go through a lab, similar to the one from the movie. And then during the ride, you get “paired” with an Avatar and explore Pandora from the sky.

Later, we went on a safari trip using our fast pass, walked through the trails, visited a zoo and attended a Lion King show. The vibe on this park is relaxing and I felt like it had more rest areas. Or maybe was it because I was already exhausted and took it more slowly? Who knows.

At this point we realized that we needed a photo with some Disney character, you know, for the sake of the old days spending the weekend watching Disney movies. We went to meet Mickey and Minnie, and then made a long, long line for a ride through some rapids. Turned out the rapids were anything but fast, and the ride ended quicker than I would have liked. If you visit and the wait time is over 45 minutes, I suggest you do something else. In Asia, there's a roller coaster on Mount Everest. As my siblings went onto it, the rest of us went to the A Bug's Life show.

As in previous days, it rained so our rain ponchos made another useful appearance. However, it was not as heavy as other days and it was soon over. It was almost time for our boat ride through the Pandora river, so we headed back to that side of the park.

The boat ride through the Pandora river is beautiful. You can check out my Stories on my Instagram @krysxc. We were lucky to have a fast pass for it as we would have just enough time to get to the closing show at 9 PM. This spectacle takes place in a lake, and it is a light and water show. Beautiful, but naturally not as impressive as the Magic Kingdom show.

It was already around 10 PM, we saw the Tree of Life’s light show and said goodbye to Disney. We would fly back home the next afternoon and could check off from our bucket lists “Visit Disney with the family”.


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